Semalt: Legend Virus That Is Supposed To Do Good

Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, said: "I had a chance to watch a film "I am Legend" a few days ago and was impressed with its take on the zombies. In the movie, the government of the United States develops a good virus that prevents all harmful viruses in the human beings. Once this virus is injected into a person's body, he does not fell ill, and no more injections are needed to ensure his health. Everything looked fine for years until people complained about the side effects of this virus. They claimed that the good virus started destroying their body organs and turning them into walking dead.

The story of this film was well-presented by Will Smith, who played the leading role. He worked as a scientist, serving in a government lab. He worked on a variety of projects and tried to find the solution of the problem that was creating a mess in the New York City. The main character was provided with a separate lab where Will Smith carried out his tests on the virus. Although the end of the film was not good enough, it made me think that the same technique can be used in computers and mobile devices too.

Let's consider that people who were infected are computers. A good virus is penetrated in the computer systems and destroys a large number of files. It even affects the servers without your knowledge and protection of data becomes impossible. Even the latest security tips are good for nothing and do not ensure quality results.

Various people told me that the infection had to be dealt with immediately, but it's difficult to do. If one person has more than three thousand viruses and over one hundred pieces of spyware running on his computer, he cannot get rid of them with a single antivirus program. Even the best tools, including Malwarebytes, may not be able to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, the modern viruses have become powerful and stronger than ever. I use Malwarebytes for creating paths for AV program to install. I don't understand why you run your computer without knowing the basics of antivirus programs. There are some good programs and some bad ones. AVG Free, for example, costs you nothing and works well. But because of some reasons, experts don't recommend this software, and it's not able to foster the virus blooms worldwide.

So, my secret project might give the desired results once completed. My unnamed project will self-replicate the viruses that affect computer devices without your knowledge. Once installed, it will protect the registry files, the root directories, and the memory and will prevent the onset of all types of viruses. It will also prevent hacking attacks, phishing attacks, but the only difference between my program and other programs is how quickly you install it. Self-replication through emails, social media sites and instant messaging is possible. You should continuously fight with viruses and protect your computer device from harmful things. For this, you should install the program and send up a flare to the system. Because of some legal issues, I have plans to pause this project, but I am hoping to restart it in future once the issues are resolved.